Our Story

Starting from the belief in Vajrayana Buddhism and the art of Mandala, Kalamantra House was born with the vision of inspiring and spreading the beauty of Tibetan Buddhism and the enlighten power of Mandala art.

Kalamantra is composed of 2 syllables:

  • “Kala” in the Kalachakra means Kalachakra – a highly complex and advanced meditation practice in Vajrayana Buddhism, also the name of a very popular and characteristic type of painting in Vajrayana culture: Kalachakra Mandala).
  • “Mantra” is a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, phonemes or magical words that contain supernatural powers. In Buddhism, mantra contains a special power of the universe. In Vajrayana, Mantra Mandala is a popular type of painting containing proverbs full of spiritual power.

The Kalamantra House is meant to be a house that contains and spreads the artistic beauty of Kalachakra Mandala and Mantra Mandala paintings from Tibetan Buddhism culture.